“NTU” wins Infrastructure Technology

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Nanyang Technological University Singapore wins Infrastructure Technology – Education trophy for Strategic Cybersecurity Initiative. 


Nanyang Technological University Singapore (NTU) was lauded at the SBR Technology Excellence Awards 2024, securing the Infrastructure Technology – Education category accolade, underscoring the institution’s commitment to digital agility and cybersecurity in the face of evolving technological landscapes.


In 2021, as Microsoft unveiled Windows 11, NTU faced a significant challenge. The university’s reliance on older Windows versions posed a stark cybersecurity risk, especially with Microsoft’s announcement to discontinue support for these versions by 2025.


Recognising the potential vulnerabilities and the complexities involved in migrating to Windows 11 across its extensive campus networks, NTU embarked on a meticulously planned upgrade initiative.


The Centre for IT Services (CITS) at NTU spearheaded this critical project, demonstrating exceptional cross-departmental collaboration to ensure a smooth transition. Recognising the diverse needs across the university’s ecosystem, from administrative staff in various departments to faculty members and research centres, the project team employed a System Thinking approach. This strategy enabled them to navigate the complexities of deploying Windows 11, considering compatibility issues with legacy applications and systems.


A pivotal element of the project was the initiation of a pilot in mid-2022, designed to address and mitigate potential issues. The success of this pilot laid the groundwork for a comprehensive deployment strategy, including detailed guides for pre-requisite checks, backup procedures, installation, verification, and user training. This strategic planning facilitated the mass deployment process, commencing in March 2023, and spanned NTU’s extensive campuses, including the sprawling 200-hectare Yunnan Garden Campus.


The deployment journey underscored the importance of unity and collaboration under the OneNTU Partnership. By fostering open communication and shared leadership, CITS, alongside other departments and entities within NTU, navigated the Windows 11 upgrade with confidence. This collective effort not only enhanced NTU’s cybersecurity posture but also demonstrated a commitment to maintaining a cutting-edge technological infrastructure.


The SBR Technology Excellence Awards 2024 recognition of NTU reflects the university’s innovative approach to infrastructure technology in education. By addressing a critical cybersecurity risk through strategic planning and collaborative effort, NTU has set a benchmark for technological resilience and operational excellence in the educational sector.

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